A low carb diet plan for a healthy and safe lifestyle

We all know that consuming carbohydrates are important for health. However, when you eat extra sugar products that it might turn dangerous for you. Studies have proved that the intake of low-carb food items not only make you healthy but also help you to lose extra pounds.
Therefore, here is a complete diet plan for the low-carb diet. It will help you to consume a balanced diet and thus you can live a healthy life with a smart figure.

The low-carb items that you are going to consume will depend on the following factors:

  • Your health
  • How much you exercise
  • The amount of weight you are determined to lose.

Foods to avoid

Following are the food items that you must avoid consuming at all costs:


Having soft drinks, canned juices, ice creams, candies and other high-sugar items is the worst enemy of your body. They will not only increase your weight but also induce the sensation of a full stomach and you are not able to eat anything healthy.

Gluten grains:

Gluten is good for the body but when it is consumed in the form of bread or pasta, it becomes dangerous. As it is loaded with calories.

Trans fats:

You should not consume the hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils and products. As they will increase the cholesterol, level in blood and will be harmful to your heart.

High omega-6 seeds and vegetable oils:

Oils like cottonseed, canola, Grapeseed, soybean and many other are not good for you if you are on a low carb diet plan so it is important that you avoid consuming them.

Low-fat products:

You should also avoid the consumption of dairy products that have a good quantity of fats in them. Also, make sure to stop having cereals and crackers.

Artificial or processed items:

If you are strict on your diet plan, make sure you do not eat anything that seems like it has been made in a factory. Avoid the items that have more concentration of artificiality in it especially the sweeteners.

The low carb food items to enter into your diet plan

Therefore, here are the natural and unprocessed food items that you must consume in your meal:


Consume the meat of the animals that are grass fed so that you can have the natural health benefits. You can have beef, lamb, chicken and others.


It is one of the most healthy food items to consume. If you can have the wild caught fish it will be the best. Make sure to have salmon, trout or haddock once or twice a week.


They are enriched with the omega-3 that is essential for the proper functioning of your body.


Vegetables are necessary for your diet plan because of the various health benefits they will provide you with. Make sure to have organic vegetables that will include broccoli, spinach, carrots or any other that you like. Enriched with iron and various nutrients they are important for your mental and physical wellbeing.
So make sure that you eat as many natural products as you can. As they are your sure way of losing weight and becoming healthy without any strict diet plan.

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